Thursday, November 26, 2020

Buhari’s warning to service chiefs on insecurity..

“I am not in support of their sack but this is not the time for the current service chiefs to slack in their duties. They should better do what is right because they are in that position to serve us. “If they are not ready to do their duties then they should leave the position for others who are willing to serve.” —Ejigboye Mercy, Analyst 
“The last four years has been a potpourri of unpleasant events in Nigeria. Unfortunately, the service chiefs have recorded little success in their fields despite millions of naira spent combating this menace. “In any sane society, the service chiefs would have resigned honorably for their incompetence.” —Duntoye E. Compere. “The issue of insecurity is a great deal in Nigeria and the lives and properties of Nigerians are at stake. There is no excuse for their incompetence. “They should be sacked so that diligent and  competent  people could be given the opportunity to work and safeguard the country.” — Akande Zainab, Analyst.


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